Tuesday, October 15, 2013

further ideas

Turquoise - How to Use

I'm thinking of decorating my new apartment turquoise, green and some red accents.
Today brought more tips and pictures about a lovely color, turquoise blue, that blue is pretty strong you know? The turquoise make a clean environment and should be applied more in details. Is a youthful color that transmits sensation of freshness, serenity, calm and tranquility. In small or large details the turquoise is a great color for contrasts with a beige, brown, wood, ash, black, white or colored, what matters is to create a harmony. Combination of wood and turquoise give for the ambient one style contemporary. The walls should be neutral or clear just one in turquoise!
Do not know about you but is one of the colors that I like !!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Because we are in September

I'm doing a review of my work: Today I am remembering some furniture I painted a few years ago in Atlanta and Chattanooga

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Scattered along the white background, touches of colors like pink red blue and turquoise, the natural light from large windows made ​​me stay in love with the place. Sometimes women yes, but still a beautiful place to live if. Elegant and charming, these spaces I find a place of dreams.
Technology has changed our communication, also changed the way we show our feelings.
This multiplicity of this information is endless, with amazing systems making our life better, stronger, and faster.
My spirit is of an artist. It's a gentle way of looking at life, a feeling that I bring with me always.
The human kindness, beauty, the aesthetic harmony has an unusual fasciination over me. When I admire a work of art, a beautiful poem, a sculpture, a painting, creative in and of itself it kindles my spirit to create. For there is a thread of love uniting creator and creation, the soul expressed throught the object. It is the soul of the artist that gives life to the art, and allowing human spirit to touch our heart.
So if you have the passion of creativity release it. Let to go like a bird set free from a case. Dream your dreams, give them fight, and take a deep breath of your new life.

Reflections on 200 years of Design

The emergence of industrial processes separated the task of manufacturing at exspence of exclusive designs. The "one size fits all" mentality was the corner stone of mechanized production. The emergence of reformers like William Morris , stated that design has to have dimensions in both theoretical and philosophy. The end of the nineteenth century saw Europe imbarking on the idealism of design with such movements as Art & Crafts, Art Nouveau and Jugendstil. This phase also emerged Art Deco which is a style and not a movement. The combination of design theory with industrial production came mainly with the Bauhaus (1919) of Walter Gropius. He believed in the total work of art is a marriage of arts and crafts. Later this idea was replaced by the fusion of art and technique trying to reconcile the social idealism of quality products with aforability for the average person. In 1925 the Bauhaus was banned by the Nazis regime and settled in Dessau. In 1933, the private school in Berlin of Mies van der Rohe was closed by the Nazis. In the 1960's this movement was resurrected by the New Bauhaus in Chicago (Institute of Design). The Modern Movement featured "Utility Design" , "International Style",and "Organic Design". In Britain a reaction to these designs led to the formation of the independent group Antidesign who rejected the modern movement. Antidesign suported Radical Design , Pop Design, Descontrutivismo ,and Post Modernism. Below are famous designer that shaped this design evolution. Please come and see this part of fashion history Refections

Everything Begins

Before the Industrial Revolution (which began in Great-Britain in the 18TH CENTURY), the Craftsman were the owner of the local shop (usually at home). There wasn't the division of labor and specialization.The "Craft" was passed down through the ages, and has prevailed itself in the Antique and the Classical age. The Modern age has expanded the consumer market through mass production. Each worker perform one step and is specialized in one expertise. The first Industrial Revolution evolved into the second Industrial Revolution around 1850 when technological and economic progress gained momentum with the development of steam-powered ships, railways, the internal combustion engine, and electrical power generation. The period of time covered by the Industrial Revolution varies with different historians. Eric Hobsbawm held that it 'broke out' in Britain in the 1780s and was not fully felt until the 1830s or 1840s, while T. S. Ashton held that it occurred roughly between 1760 and 1830. Some twentieth century historians such as John Clapham and Nicholas Crafts have argued that the process of economic and social change took place gradually and the term revolution is not a true description of what took place. This is still a subject of debate among historians. The gross domestic product per capita was broadly stable before the Industrial Revolution and the emergence of the modern capitalist economy. The Industrial Revolution began an era of per-capita economic growth in capitalist economies. Historians agree that the Industrial Revolution was one of the most important events in history.

About History of Art and Design

The design with quality, as well as music, painting, etc., are always news, somehow, yesterday, today and tomorrow, they are ageless.So, but mainly because I love the history of art and design, I decided to make this page, where I will restrict myself to Furniture Design.The page is devide in dates and decades the furniture.There are many diferent design,which require several pages

Traditional Living room


Palácio Laranjeiras (Rio de Janeiro)Brasil

Palácio Laranjeiras  (Rio de Janeiro)Brasil


LUIS XV (style)
In decoration and design not everything is original. The secret is knowing, and reinventing the influences of art, design and decorating which expresses who we are .

New Project

New Project